Next Generation Biotech Technologies
to Combat Neuronal Diseases

What We Do

We are a developer of next generation treatments for unmet neuronal diseases, using Tissue engineering, Stem cells and Machine learning synergic technologies. 

Tissue engineering stem cells

Tissue engineering stem cells​

AI Machine learning


Combat Neuronal diseases

Combat Neuronal diseases​

About us

We are an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to developing, biotech products, treatments and technologies that, create a platform to combat neuronal diseases. Our approach seeks to marshal and leverage the remarkable advances made in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), molecular biology, stem cells and tissue engineering for deployment in the fight against neuronal diseases. We accomplish this through development, acquisitions and investments.

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    Contact info: 28-10 Jackson Avenue, #26N Long Island City, NY 11101 phone: 212-945-2080,